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Our Mission

With a vigorous entertainment business encompassing movies, music, sports and more, Japan can be described as a country that cannot be ignored by overseas content holders and investors. Likewise, Japanese enterprises cannot ignore the trends of overseas content holders and markets, even when expanding the entertainment business locally


International entertainment-related transactions have seen a massive increase compared to 10 years ago, as can be seen by Hollywood remakes of Japanese movies and animation works, joint movie production collaborations between Japan and foreign countries, moves made to overseas locations by artists and sportspeople, the licensing business for globally well-known characters, and licensing for online game software. However, the unfortunate reality in these transactions is that some cases do lead to trouble internationally as a result of proceeding with insufficient rights clearance and discussion beforehand.

The main issues in the content and entertainment business are:

(1) Measures for preventing disputes (negotiation arrangements, contract execution, and clarification of rights relationships, etc.)
(2) Construction of schemes for smooth accomplishment of projects
(3) Reconstruction and troubleshooting of enterprises and projects that have started to fail
(4) Smooth contract negotiations
(5) Enterprise assignment, tie-ups, M&A due diligence, and negotiation of conditions


From the specialist position of attorney, certified public accountant or licensed tax accountant, Entertainment & Rights Advisory Firm covers all bases: law, accounting, tax and enterprise operation, and can comprehensively assist with the resolution of any issues that may arise in the content and entertainment business.


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